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    Kasue Secondary School::Home

    welcome to kasue secondary school     website

     SCHOOL EMAIL : kasuesecondary@yahoo.com   or  info@kasuesec.sc.ke

     SCHOOL WEBSITE : kasuesec.sc.ke

    P.O BOX 211 TULIA-90203 KENYA.


    PHYSICAL LOCATION: Kitui County,  Kitui West District, Mutonguni Location-  KENYA

    Kasue secondary school is a public institution that was established in 1987 through community initiative (Harambee). It is situated in Kenya, Kitui County, Kitui West district, Mutonguni division, Mutonguni location Kaimu Sub-location, Kasue Village. It is about 3km from Kabati- Mutonguni (Tulia) road.

    The school is ranked at the district criterion, THE NEW DINING HALLas a mixed day and boarding and it currently holds about 389 students. The current principal is Mr. Joseph Kitavi, who is assisted by Mrs. Kyambi as the deputy principal. It is effectively managed by a Board of Governors (BOG) under the chairmanship of Mr. Josphat Mutia. The PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) chairman is Rev. Musee.

    Kasue secondary is a double stream school. It has 8 classes and 2 laboratories. The school has one dining hall, a kitchen, a field and 2 dormitories belonging to each of the sexes. There is a shallow well that provides clean water for the school. There are two staff houses to house the Principal and deputy principal.

    Currently, the school has 13 TSC (Teachers’ Service Commission) Teachers that are supported by 3 BOG teachers. There are 11 non-teaching staff members including the school secretary, accounts clerk, office messenger, matron, cooks, watchmen and grounds-men.

    The school has been performing fairly well in the last 5 years managing to post a good number of students to the Public Universities annually. The school also does well in co-curricular activities especially handball, table tennis and foot ball.

    JOSEPH KITAVI          

    PRINCIPAL                 2012-2016 Strategic plan              


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